2017 General Election

Team Heather is a group of people who think that Heather Wheeler has done a great job in standing up for South Derbyshire, and getting things done for us.

Better Broadband Campaign

I know how important broadband is to people, whether it is ensuring a business runs smoothly; helping your children with their homework or just keeping in touch with loved ones, friends and family across the country, the internet is a huge part of our daily lives. Without broadband the people of South Derbyshire are suffering, which is why I have spent the last five years campaigning for better internet services for South Derbyshire. 

Second Swarkestone Causeway Campaign

Swarkestone causeway, which English Heritage have listed Grade 1; the site where Bonnie Prince Charlie and his Scottish Army were turned back from their march on London, is under threat from the volume of traffic crossing it each day. The width and winding nature of the causeway was never meant to take the huge lorries and buses which trundle back and forth in ever increasing numbers.

English Votes for English Laws Campaign

With the changes that the Scottish Referendum brought about and the subsequent findings of The Smith Review, I believe that we need to take another look at the way that power is divided in the United Kingdom. Firstly, let me assure you that I am very much a unionist, I simply want England to have a fair say and not be left last in the considerations of any decision making.

Fair Taxes for Farmers Campaign

Last year I joined the newly established All Party Parliamentary Group on Dairy, and shortly thereafter we began an inquiry into the welfare of Dairy Farmers. Following this, and having spoken to my local farmers in South Derbyshire, I was left under no illusions to the state of the Dairy industry, and how much work we had to do, quickly, ensure the future of this traditional industry.