Better Broadband Campaign

I know how important broadband is to people, whether it is ensuring a business runs smoothly; helping your children with their homework or just keeping in touch with loved ones, friends and family across the country, the internet is a huge part of our daily lives. Without broadband the people of South Derbyshire are suffering, which is why I have spent the last five years campaigning for better internet services for South Derbyshire. 

I am delighted that the Spring 2015 held good news for our broadband campaign. The Chancellor has pledged a new Government ambition of ultrafast broadband of at least 100 Megabits per second (Mbps) should be available to nearly all UK premises. He also announced that the Goverment will do more to support the roll out of broadband in rural areas which may include raising the Universal Service Obligation - the legal entitlement to basic services and subsidising the costs of installing superfast capable satellite services.