My Expenses

Governments and their representatives should be as open and transparent as possible so the public know in detail what decisions are being made and exactly where money is being spent. As the mother of Parliaments we have to set an example and I support this view. I am happy to publish a copy of my officially approved expenses from the last financial year below.

As the figures show, most of my expenses pay for the staff who work in my office in Bretby. Indeed the cost of my office (office and staff costs together) accounts for over 88% of my total expenses claim. The staff do a tremendous job of helping South Derbyshire residents with an enormous range of issues and without them I would not be able to help the numbers of people I do. All of the salaries for my staff are within the pay scales set by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.

If you are a constituent with any further queries in this respect then please do get in touch by email on or via the contact facility on my website and I will be happy to reply to you.

2016/2017 IPSA Claim