Why I voted to extend UK Airstrikes to Syria.

Tonight I voted in the House of Commons in support of extending the Uk’s Airstrikes into Syria. The decision of which way to vote has been one of the hardest decisions I’ve made as your MP for South Derbyshire, it is not without a heavy heart, much soul searching and listening to all sides of the argument that I voted in in the Aye lobby. I have read and listened to all communications from my constituents who have spoken both for and against the action in Syria as well as listening to the debate from 11:30 to 22:00 before I finally came to my decision.

After the day long debate and listening to all sides of the argument I believe I can support Air Strikes in Syria for the following reasons.

After the atrocities in Paris three weeks ago a robust response in cooperation with our allies is justified, especially France. We must continue to degrade, disable and ultimately destroy this dreadful terrorist organisation, and the UK should play a full role. Furthermore the UK’s airstrike capability is second to none with its precision, this means our intervention prevents civilian casualties, as is being proven in current Iraqi air strikes.

It is a lawful response due to UN Resolution 2249, which was not vetoed by any member of the Security Council or the other Permanent Members (Russia, China, France or America).

The Vienna Peace Talks are ongoing and are showing a way forward towards a negotiated peace deal and a new Government in Syria. This shows the commitment to rebuilding after the fighting is over, something which we have lacked, but not this time.

Only time will tell if this was indeed the right decision or not but I, nor anyone other MP, took it lightly.