Public Sector workers in South Derbyshire to get a pay rise.

Public sector workers have played a vital role during the pandemic, without them the situation could have been much worse. To reflect their tireless efforts and important contribution it is right they will now see a pay rise that will benefit nearly 900,000 workers across the UK.

The above inflation rises for Doctors, Police and Prison Officers, Teachers, the Armed Forces, the National Crime Agency, Dentists, the Judiciary, senior Civil Servants and Senior Military Personnel are in line with those recommended by their national review bodies.

The Government committed to recruit 20,000 police officers over the next 3 years and 6,435 new recruits are already in place. The armed forces have seen a 30% increase in new recruits with 16,340 joining the various services. The aim is to keep our streets safer and ensure our armed forces are ready for any future challenges and the Government is determined to meet the commitments it made.

In the last year nurse numbers have grown by over 12,000 and their pay will increase by an average 4.4%. This will give a newly qualified nurse a starting salary of £24,214 an increase of more than 12% since 2017/18. This is part of the settlement for over 1 million NHS workers who will benefit from a 3 year Agenda for Change pay deal.

Public sector workers in South Derbyshire have worked on the front line during the pandemic, often putting themselves at risk to help others.

I am pleased to see them get the recognition they deserve and with an above inflation pay rise after all their hard work. I cannot thank them enough for all they do to help the people of South Derbyshire, not just during the pandemic, but every day of every year.

I welcome the news that, despite all the problems of the pandemic, the recruitment process to reach the numbers of nurses, doctors and police officers is well on the way to reaching the targets the Government set. Indeed recruitment for training GP’s alone is up 15% on this time last year In Boris Johnson we have a Prime Minister who is determined to keep his word.