Investing to protect the Rainforest

Tackling climate change, cutting carbon emission and protecting habitats is a key priority. There are many things that we as individuals can do to play our part but on a larger scale we have a responsibility on the global stage and one way we can do this is by protecting the rainforest. Today the government has announced a £16 million investment to protect the Amazon rainforest and this brings our investment in environmental projects in Latin America to £80 million this year.

This package will support environmentally friendly farming and replanting projects. It looks to prevent deforestation by creating environmentally friendly cattle ranches which move away from the traditional techniques which cause harm to the environment. By working with local communities it will have a direct impact on the ground, helping find new ways of working and living with the natural environment.

Our efforts to fight climate change must also work for local people, balancing employment and people’s livelihoods with sustainable production and the prevention of destruction of trees.

Deforestation has a massive impact on global warming and we need to halt the changes for all our sakes. The whole world needs to work together to fight climate change and protect our planets biodiversity and that means looking beyond our borders to address the bigger challenges we face.