Innovation in South Derbyshire

Building on the UK’s resilience to the long term impact of the coronavirus is essential. In order to do so we must invest.  £20 million of government funding has been announced with grants of u to £50,000  made available to technology and researched focussed businesses to help develop new ways of working and help build resilience. I would urge businesses in South Derbyshire to apply particularly businesses in the food manufacturing, retail and transport industries.

The government are particularly interested in Innovations in technology that would help us respond better to sudden spikes of consumer demand and improve delivery, services that keep families and friends connected, help monitor vulnerable people and education tools that can integrate the classroom with the kitchen table. Improving these areas would greatly increase the UK’s resilience in the future and help us get over the long term impact of the Coronavirus.

As society and the challenges we face change we must too, we must learn to adapt so that we are better prepared or the future. This investment in technology will boost the economy and increase resilience. This a great opportunity for businesses in South Derbyshire to unleash their potential.