Helping young children with their education.

For a number of months school children and young people have been at home as places of education have been, in the main, closed. Primary school children have felt a particular effect as early years development is crucial. I understand it isn’t possible to give children at home the same routine they had at school but there are a number of tips and resources to help them and you at such a difficult time.

Some simple things can be helpful, such as a structured routine this could be as simple as getting up and going to bed at a regular time and exercising. Reducing screen time can also be of great benefit, perhaps encouraging them to read and write more can improve their skills along with working with numbers.

Small things including reading with children can have a massive impact on their education and development. If you would like a few tips on encouraging children to read more, visit,

For help and education resources you can find our more by visiting, It is a difficult time for many but it is important to do what we can to help with children’s education whilst schools remain closed for the summer, helping them to get ready for full return in September.