Heather Wheeler MP Welcomes Dairy Declaration

South Derbyshire’s MP Heather Wheeler, who has had a long standing interest in looking after Dairy farmers and milk suppliers from South Derbyshire has welcomed news that leading UK dairy organisations have endorsed the principles of the Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam, which promotes the sustainability of dairy systems worldwide.

Representatives from leading dairy organisations, including the International Dairy Federation, Dairy UK, AHDB Dairy and NFU Dairy, signed the Declaration last week in London. The Declaration is part of the UN’s decade of action on Nutrition, which aims to improve global food security and nutrition.

It recognises the major contribution that dairy makes to countries’ economies, the essential role of dairy in a balanced diet, and the key role the industry plays in addressing environmental degradation and climate change.

Heather Wheeler MP said: “Dairy farming plays an important role in Britain’s rural communities, indeed there are over 300 dairy farms in Derbyshire alone. By supporting this Declaration, UK dairy sector has shown our country’s firm and positive commitment to maintaining and promoting the highest nutritional and environmental standards both home and abroad.”

Paul Vernon, Chairman of Dairy UK, said: “We are proud that the UK, as a leading dairy producing nation, is endorsing the Dairy Declaration. We are an innovative industry with a deep commitment to environmental good practice and nutritional benefit. We can take pride in the fact that our nutritious products can play such an important part in meeting global sustainability and nutritional responsibilities and ambitions.”

Heather went on to say “With Brexit we have always said this gives us a chance to be leaders in maintaining and promoting the highest nutritional and environmental standards. I know our farmers do this now and want to be the leaders for this in the future too.