Heather Wheeler MP condemns the abuse of key shop workers.

We cannot thank our key shop workers enough for all they have done to help the community during this pandemic. With the demand for food and essential supplies increasing particularly at the start of this pandemic, shops found themselves under pressure. I am disappointed to have heard about the abuse that some key shop workers have been facing for just doing their job and helping people.

Recently Central England Co-op got in touch with me regarding the challenges and abuse staff had been facing. Figures show they have been dealing with an increasing number of threats and verbal abuse since the lockdown and even being coughed at and threatened to be infect with the coronavirus.

I do not condone this behaviour and am appalled to hear that staff have been treated this way because of not having specific products or, being asked to follow social distancing measures not just for their own safety but everyone’s. It is selfish to behave this way and we cannot let this violent and threatening behaviour stand.

I would like to show my support to all of the key shop workers in South Derbyshire who have worked tirelessly to keep shelves stocked and ensure everyone get the supplies they need. Their efforts should be supported by us all and the full force of the Law used by our Police and CPS to clamp down on offenders.