Heather Wheeler accepts Cream Award for her previous work as Chair of the Dairy APPG.

On the 12th October I was honoured to accept an  award from the ‘Cream Awards’ which took place last month, the award was ‘Dairy Ambassador of the Year for 2016’.

The award was presented to me by the President of the NFU Meurig Raymond and the publisher of ‘Farm Business’ Alan Whibley on Parliament Square.

I am so pleased to have received this award for my work as Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Dairy, the work we did over the last year in promoting the real benefits dairy to your diet and health has been so rewarding. It was very sad for me to give up the Chair of this fantastic group which, even before my time in charge, has done so much good work to help dairy farmers across the country.

South Derbyshire is still a large producer of milk for dairy products and even though I can no longer be a member of the APPG because of my job as a Government Whip, I will continue to fight for the dairy industry wherever I can.