Free CPR Training Kit for Schools

I am urging the secondary schools of South Derbyshire to register for a free CPR training kit for staff and pupils to use from the British Heart Foundation.

CPR is a vital skill that we should all have, over 30,000 people suffer from cardiac arrest outside of a hospital each year, if more people know how to perform CPR, many lives will be saved.

The schools of South Derbyshire should register for their free kit to make sure that their students have the skills to help save a life. Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone and it would be an unnecessary tragedy for lives to be lost simply because the surrounding people did not know what to do.

I commend the British Heart Foundation for their essential work in this area and their aim to create a nation of lifesavers.

At the event, I met with Samantha Hobbs, who at 14 helped to save her mum’s life by performing CPR. With her dad, they kept her mum alive until the emergency services arrived and could get her heart beating again with a single electric shock from a defibrillator. 

Samantha had been trained in CPR so she knew what to do. Now she’s campaigning to raise awareness amongst others so that more people are trained and more lives can be saved.

Samantha said: “I was only able to help save my mum’s life because I’d been trained in CPR. I don’t know what might have happened if I hadn’t. We’re really pleased to be able to support the BHF’s Nation of Lifesavers campaign and spread the message about the importance of CPR. I hope more lives are saved.”

To help the BHF create a Nation of Lifesavers visit and sign our petition at