England On Target To Meet The Government’s Policing Commitment.

One of the government’s key targets was to recruit an extra 20,000 police officers and I am pleased to say we already have an extra 4,336 officers which is 22% of our target. This puts us on track to reach our target of 6,000 additional officers by March 2021. 

Since the start of the campaign 9,327 officers have joined the police force but some of those have filled the vacancies created by leavers and retirees.  

The extra officers will help cut crime in South Derbyshire and across the UK. We will see a stronger police presence on our streets, acting as a deterrent and helping people in the community to feel safer. 

Becoming a police officer is an excellent career, with numerous opportunities and the ability to use the most innovative technology. The police are also looking to increase diversity by hiring from a wide range of backgrounds. If you are interested in joining the police or are in your final year of university and looking for a unique opportunity, then visit: https://careers.derbyshire.police.uk/what-you-could-be-doing/police-officers 

The police really do an incredible job and have worked hard in Derbyshire to tackle crime and keep us safe, especially during this pandemic. I look forward to seeing an increasing number of new recruits and would urge anyone interested in joining to take a look at this career opportunity.