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South Derbyshire Coronavirus Update

I am sue many of you are concerned about the current situation regarding the Coronavirus. The UK government have announced various measures and packages to help you your family and you business, South Derbyshire District Council have also put in place various measures to help.

Innovation in South Derbyshire

Building on the UK’s resilience to the long term impact of the coronavirus is essential. In order to do so we must invest.

Nearly £400 million of funding to support key bus services.

Bus drivers across South Derbyshire have been playing a key role in keeping essential services running, in doing so they have ensured people can get to shops to get food and helped key workers including NHS staff get to work.

GCSE, AS and A level examination results.

Many students may feel a sense of disappointment that they were unable to sit their GCSE, AS or A level exams. But this should not prevent students getting the grades they deserve, their hard work throughout the year should still be recognised.

£300 million boost to support pharmacies

To support Community Pharmacies across the UK I am pleased that the Government have announced a £300 million cash boost to ensure they can continue to carry out essential services during the coronavirus outbreak.

Government opens financial Scheme for flood victims

After South Derbyshire has suffered considerable flooding, I was able to confirm the Government has opened up a financial scheme to help residents and businesses that have flooded. This will be processed via the District Council.

Reshuffle Update February 2020

“It was an honour and a privilege to serve as a PPS, Whip and then Minister in two government departments, meaning 6 years working in Government.