Climate Change

Thank you for your email about climate change and I can understand you wanting to know what the Government are doing to mitigate the effects.

I can tell you that every Government department has been told by the Prime Minister that environmental concerns and reducing the carbon footprint has to be part of every future policy.

He not only understands how important it is to put in green policies but he also recognises the opportunities which that agenda will give the UK.

He has already said he wants Britain to be the world leader in clean energy and investment and that coal needs to be consigned to history.

In reaching net zero emissions we are aiming high and determined to achieve our targets.

As hosts to COP26 in Glasgow Boris Johnson will take the opportunity to try to secure promises from all of the other countries present to reduce their carbon emissions and give an estimated timeframe to get to net zero.

For some countries it is a big ask but voices across the world are getting louder everywhere expressing their concern and putting pressure on their Governments so I hope and believe they will have to take notice.

I know you want progress to be even quicker but changing things some which have been established for decades takes time and often money. Businesses and organisations will change practices such as making offices paperless but manufacturing companies may need to phase in new machinery over time as their funds allow.

Before Covid I was visiting companies all over the constituency and all of them both large and small were trying to operate in a green way.

You can be assured I will pass your requests on to the Prime Minister and that in the constituency I will push the green agenda at every opportunity.

Thank you once again for contacting me.



“🌎🌎We have tabled government amendments to the Environment Bill - that strengthen our commitments to protect the environment.

These amendments include strengthening the duty to set a legally-binding target to halt species decline by 2030.

New measures will also tackle storm overflows through a new requirement for water companies to monitor the water quality impacts of their sewage discharges and publish this information. 🌎🌎