Supporting the Local High Street.

Our local high streets are an important part of our community. I have always believed in supporting local businesses and supporting our high streets, that is why I am pleased to see a package of support being launched today ahead of shops reopening on Monday the 15th of June.

Heather Wheeler MP welcomes UK Japan Free Trade negotiations.

The UK and Japan have a long-established relationship, dating back over 400 years. William Adams was the first Englishman to arrive in Japan in April 1600 and later helped establish trading factories, a very early form of free trade zones.

Heather Wheeler MP Backs Businesses in South Derbyshire

Monday marks a landmark change as business start to reopen, this doesn’t mean the coronavirus has gone away though. It’s still here but the number of cases continues to drop and the rate of transmission remains below one.

Get tested for the Coronavirus.

I am pleased to see a massive increase in the number of people being tested for the coronavirus in South Derbyshire and the rest of the UK. It now stands at 200,000 people a day which shows incredible progress.

£5 million invested to support mental health projects.

It is welcoming news that £5 million is being invested to support community projects to help peoples mental health. With people now staying at home and others being increasingly isolated due to the Coronavirus, this can have a detrimental impact on peoples mental health.