Heather Wheeler backs protecting Mobile Home owners.

It is estimated that there are around 85,000 households living in mobile homes on 2000 sites in England. The majority of sites are privately owned with the others being owned by local authorities, of this it was estimated that 68% of people in mobile homes were aged 60 or over.

Heather Wheeler MP welcomes the new points based immigration system.

Tuesday night was a historic night, we voted to end the freedom of movement and introduce a fairer points based immigration system in the UK. We have finally taken back control and carried out the will of the people as so clearly made in the December 2019 General Election.

Supporting Charities in South Derbyshire.

I am delighted to hear and show my support to the work eBay is doing to support charities across the UK. They have announced an additional £1.7 million of funding to help 250 charities who sell on their platform, who had been forced to shut online and offline work due to the coronavirus.

Heather Wheeler MP condemns the abuse of key shop workers.

We cannot thank our key shop workers enough for all they have done to help the community during this pandemic. With the demand for food and essential supplies increasing particularly at the start of this pandemic, shops found themselves under pressure.