T-Levels to start in September

I recently received a letter about the new T-levels starting in September. They are a fantastic alternative to A-levels, providing technical skills, classroom-based learning and work placement. There are many courses available with more to be launched in the following year. 

Public Sector workers in South Derbyshire to get a pay rise.

Public sector workers have played a vital role during the pandemic, without them the situation could have been much worse. To reflect their tireless efforts and important contribution it is right they will now see a pay rise that will benefit nearly 900,000 workers across the UK.

Investing to protect the Rainforest

Tackling climate change, cutting carbon emission and protecting habitats is a key priority. There are many things that we as individuals can do to play our part but on a larger scale we have a responsibility on the global stage and one way we can do this is by protecting the rainforest.

Holiday Refunds

I know many constituents have been wondering about refunds from holidays and flights. The Minister for Aviation and Maritime Security, Kelly Tolhurst MP has written to me with clarification on your rights and what the government has been doing to protect you. 

£400 Million Invested to Achieve Greener Aerospace Technology.

Cutting carbon emissions and ultimately reaching net zero emissions is a key priority and the aerospace sector faces a huge challenge to achieve this.  The Government, in partnership with the private sector, has announced a £400 million investment to assist aerospace with cutting edge research an

National Bee’s Needs Week 2020.

This week is national Bee’s Needs Week 2020. This week we are taking time to help Bees and other pollinators who play a vital role in food production, agriculture and our wider ecosystem.

Helping young children with their education.

For a number of months school children and young people have been at home as places of education have been, in the main, closed. Primary school children have felt a particular effect as early years development is crucial.