UK starts trade talks with Australia and New Zealand.

They are part of our Commonwealth family, we have a shared history and have always stood by one another, most notably through World Wars, as friends and allies. As we stride forward as an independent nation creating a new path to prosperity it is important we reach out to friends both old and new to build strong lasting relationships. 

Last year trade with Australia and New Zealand was worth £21 billion in goods and services. Developing and establishing a free trade agreement with these two nations will provide significant benefits to the UK and to them.

Removing barriers will bring benefits to the automotive industry, professional services, drinks companies and many more. It is estimated a free trade agreement would increase the value of exports by around £1 billion. It would boost the economy, bring more jobs, help to raise wages and lower prices as well as see a greater choice in goods on our shelves.

This is a fantastic opportunity to build on our already strong relationship, maximise trade and business for businesses large and small and give a much needed boost to our economy as we face unprecedented challenges. 

We are seeking an ambitious, comprehensive, future focused Free Trade Agreement which removes tariffs and tackles non-tariff barriers, all of which will boost two-way trade in goods and services worth upwards of £2.9 billion.  I am so pleased Crawford Falconer is heading up the technical trade talks for our Country on these FTA’s. He has years of experience to lead the 100 strong team to a great result for us.

I welcome these talks which I know will benefit South Derbyshire and look forward to securing a new deal as the transition period comes to an end and we finally leave the EU and all its organisations.