UK leads the world in protecting us online.

Keeping people safe is a priority. Not just in these challenging times with social distancing but also online. Ensuring the safety and security of people in the UK both on and offline is crucial. I am sure you and your family regularly use various Apps and social media to communicate with one another. Making sure these are safe and secure is important particularly when it comes to protecting children.

That is why I am pleased to see that the UKĀ  tech sector is front and centre in tackling this challenge. We are now leading the world in safety tech with more than 70 UK companies now amounting to a quarter of the global market in protecting people from harm on social media, games and Apps.

New technology is constantly being developed to protect people, including children in South Derbyshire. We have companies working to identify and stop online bullying, illegal child sexual abuse and even terrorist material. These companies are constantly developing new and innovative ways to protect us.

These creative businesses are not only protecting us but they are also helping to drive the economy and helping us adapt to changes. In these challenging times, it is welcoming to see this sector thriving and expanding, creating new jobs and defending our way of life.