Track and tracing App test run.

To minimise the spread of the Coronavirus, we need to be able to track where it is. As we hit our target of 100,000 tests a day we must now work to track the virus. That is why I am pleased to hear a new app will be tested from today on the Isle of White to speed up contact tracing. 

The app will work with enhanced tracing services and swab testing or those with potential Covid-19 symptoms. When someone reports symptoms through the app it will detect anyone they have been in significant contact with them, including those they don’t know. They will anonymously be contacted and given advice including how to get a test, which you will be able to order through the app soon.

I hope that this new system of tracing and tracking the virus will help slow the spread and prove a success. It is expected that this new system will be rolled out nationally including in South Derbyshire by the middle of May. We also have innovative ideas to help with alerts and tracking being designed here in South Derbyshire so once this pilot is studied I hope all of these ways of making it even more helpful can be used.

As we anticipate the app going nationwide we must continue to do our bit by working safely or from home to protect the NHS and save lives.