South Derbyshire MP Pays Respects at Aston-on-Trent Village Exhibition

Heather Wheeler, MP for South Derbyshire, last weekend paid a visit to the Aston-on-Trent Heritage Centre which is hosting an exhibition to mark the centenary of the Great War.

The exhibition, supported by members of the Aston and Weston Branch of the Royal British Legion and the Aston & Weston Veterans Trust, not only marked Armistice Day but also displayed research and testimonies from people from Aston-on-Trent and the surrounding area who were involved in World War I.

In addition to the exhibition and remembrance day parade, there was also a dedication called The Battle’s Over held in Aston-on-Trent where a beacon was lit at All Saint’s Church. This coincided with around 1000 other beacons being lit at the same time across the UK.

Following her visit, Heather said:

“All the volunteers who worked so hard to put on such a wonderful display in Aston-on-Trent should be very proud of what they achieved.

The exhibition told the often forgotten stories of Derbyshire men from many different backgrounds who did their duty for King and Country, together with the impact on those they left behind.

I visited the Aston Heritage Centre in 2014 to mark the start of the Great War and I was honoured to return to mark the centenary of its end.”