South Derbyshire MP Dissatisfied with Response to Rosliston Medical Centre Concerns

Heather Wheeler, MP for South Derbyshire, has written again to the Accountable Officer of the East Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Marcus Warnes, asking for clarification on the current situation regarding Rosliston Medical Centre.

Mrs Wheeler originally wrote to the CCG in July 2018 and received a response to her letter in October. However, the reply left her unsatisfied and she has now written back to Mr Warnes asking additional questions.

Commenting on her actions, Mrs Wheeler said:

“Whilst it was good to finally have a reply from the CCG, I do not feel it gave me answers to all the questions I posed earlier in the year.

Two very concerning public meetings, the closure of the medical centre’s pharmacy and uncertainty as to when the facility is open at all has left patients in a difficult position.

Patients at Rosliston Medical Centre need to know what is going on.

It really is vital for a full and fair public consultation to be held so that patients can have their say on what they want for the future of the medical centre and I hope the CCG will be able to provide some clarity as to the way forward this time.”

Cllr Dan Pegg, who was elected last week at the Linton Ward by-election and who is helping Mrs Wheeler in her campaign to retain services at Rosliston Medical Centre added:

“The future of services at Rosliston Medical Centre was a huge issue on the doorstep during the recent by-election and not just in Rosliston itself.

Residents have had little communication from doctors at the surgery since those public meetings earlier in the year and they want to be able to have their say rather than being kept in the dark.

I look forward to working with patients and with Heather to continue the campaign to retain a medical facility here for the good of both Rosliston and the surrounding villages.”