South Derbyshire Local Plan Part Two.

Whether we like it or not we are going to have to build new homes in South Derbyshire to keep up with the fast pace of growth our local businesses and local economy is experiencing. Since 2010 there are so many new businesses in South Derbyshire and this is resulting in more and more people wanting to live in our area to be close to their work.

Since 2014 South Derbyshire District Council (SDDC), surrounding Councils and the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) have been trying to create a new Local Plan in order to show how many new houses we need to build to keep up with demand. In August 2014 SDDC submitted to the Secretary of State for DCLG Part One of the Local Plan and the Council is still awaiting a decision. Part One of the plan dealt with the needed allocations of housing and employment.

Part Two of the Local Plan deals with smaller scale housing sites as well as other development management policies. Since 15th December 2015 SDDC until 12 February SDDC is consulting on its Local Plan Part Two (LPPT), which encompasses LPPT policies, Non-Strategic Housing site options, Local Green Spaces and the proposed settlement boundaries. As part of SDDC’s open Government policy there has been a series of ‘Drop In’ events across the constituency to make sure South Derbyshire residents have their voice heard and concerns taken forward. The LPPT consultation document is available to download on the South Derbyshire District Council as well as more information regarding the Local Plan.

South Derbyshire over the recent year has had problems with regards to new property developments across the constituency. Recently SDDC housing chiefs released that South Derbyshire needs to build more then 12,000 houses over the next 15 years in order to meet Government targets of house building to accommodate. I completely understand and sympathise with constituents concerns over how South Derbyshire can handle thousands of new homes being built with regards to problems such as congestion and strain on local services. However I can assure my constituents that the Local Plan will take these concerns into account and it will ensure future property developments aren’t built in inappropriate areas.

In these last few days of the Local Plan Part Two consultation I would encourage as many of my constituents as possible to get involved and help make sure we have opinions from across the constituency so our submission to DCLG is full and fair. Furthermore I hope we can get out Local Plan ensured sooner rather than later as the longer we wait the more we’re open to housing developments in places we don’t want them. That’s why SDDC and I will be doing all we can to speed up the process.

(This article was originally written for the Burton Mail).