Roadworks announced for A511 East between Burton and South Derbyshire.

Constituents should be aware that from August 22nd to September 12th (three weeks) part of Ashby Road East (the A511 that runs between Burton and South Derbyshire) will be closed off from traffic whilst needed road maintenance and essential gas works are completed.

The closure will affect the A511 from its junction with the A444 Stapenhill Road and High Bank Road, Winshill. This is to allow for essential gas works to take place so the Ashby Road closure will extend from Swan Junction to High Bank Road

The advised alternative route to take could be for South Derbyshire residents to make their way to the A444 Stapenhill Road, St Peter's Street, Stanton Road and then joining the A514. Alternatively residents should turn down into Bretby Lane off the A511 and through the Winshill estate to get back onto Newton Road and to the Swan Junction that way.

The good news is that the westbound traffic will remain unaffected.

For more information please contact Staffordshire County Council or visit their website here: