Reshuffle Update February 2020

“It was an honour and a privilege to serve as a PPS, Whip and then Minister in two government departments, meaning 6 years working in Government. It was especially a privilege to work in a Government under Boris Johnson who has lead us to our largest majority since Margaret Thatcher was our leader, and who, with his ambitious plans and characteristic energy, will, I am sure, become one of greatest ever Prime Ministers. 

However, as some know, I’ve recently suffered two bereavements, my beloved husband and best friend Bob, and only last month my mother. Spending so much time overseas on Foreign Office business has been incredibly rewarding, but for all the rewards of Government office, being away from the constituency and my family has also been something to juggle.

I think with the ever-increasing  workload of looking after my constituents, and with our businesses in South Derbyshire now focused on the opportunities and challenges arising from Brexit, I am relieved I now have some extra time to concentrate on making Brexit a success as well spending a little extra time with my family as we come to terms with losses we have suffered over the last 18 months. 

I now look forward to returning to the back benches where I am once again able to speak up for my constituency in debates in the chamber and working with the wonderful people and businesses of South Derbyshire in making the best of Brexit”