Reflecting before Recess.

At the end of this week Parliament will go into recess until we, and the schools, come back in September so I thought it a good time to reflect.

Since Parliament came back last September we have seen some of the worst Terrorist attacks on our continent by Daesh followers. Paris bearing the brunt, being attacked in January 2015, again in October and in Nice last week. Security in the UK has been stepped up and the Government has increased the funding for the security services by £2 billion to allow them to employ more staff. Before Christmas we as a Parliament, with cross-party support, voted to extend airstrikes into Daesh controlled Syria. Seven months on from this vote we have seen coalition airstrikes push back the terrorists proving this was the right course of action. They carry out their evil in the name of their religion but they are not true Muslims because Islam is a religion of peace. They are murderers and together with our allies we will defeat this evil.

Before Christmas one of my personal pledges became law, English Votes for English Laws. It is only right now we have a Scottish Parliament and Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies we ensure fairness by making sure English matters in Westminster are only voted on by English Constituency MPs. I believe this only strengthens the Union and proves our commitment to the devolved bodies.

In South Derbyshire we continue to see falls in unemployment. When I was elected in May 2010 unemployment was 3.2% 1540 people, in May 2016 it is 0.8% 377 people. This means over 1100 more people and their families in South Derbyshire have now got the security of job, proving how amazing our local economy is and how we Conservatives are delivering on our promise to reduce unemployment.

Last month the UK and South Derbyshire voted overwhelmingly to leave the failing and costly European Union. After all the scaremongering I know many constituents are concerned about the future outside the EU. I want to reassure everyone that the future is bright. Unshackled from the EU and its directives, Britain, free to choose its own destiny, will go from strength to strength. Countries such as Australia and India are already seeking free trade deals and investment in the UK continues unabated with Japanese tech firm Softbank investing £24.3 billion in our High Tech industry.

Although I was delighted with the Brexit vote I was very sad to see our Prime Minister and Party Leader David Cameron leave Downing Street. He was a great modern Prime Minister who steered our Country back from the brink of economic disaster and I wish him and his family well. However I want once again to reaffirm my commitment to our new Prime Minister and Leader Theresa May. Since her election to Parliament in 1997 she has shown herself to be a strong, intelligent person who just gets on with the job. I know under her leadership the UK will continue to prosper and will make a success of Brexit.

In addition to the recent goings on I have been appointed to the Whip’s Office and am now part of the Government Team. I am honoured to have been chosen to do such an important job helping the Government achieve its manifesto pledges and delivering a country that works for everyone. I want to reassure my Constituents that despite my new role I will continue to work hard for South Derbyshire, promoting our fantastic area whenever possible. As ever I am always ready and willing to help those here who need it.

(This article was originally written for the Derby Telegraph).