£400 Million Invested to Achieve Greener Aerospace Technology.

Cutting carbon emissions and ultimately reaching net zero emissions is a key priority and the aerospace sector faces a huge challenge to achieve this.  The Government, in partnership with the private sector, has announced a £400 million investment to assist aerospace with cutting edge research and development to speed up the introduction of low emission travel and to help the sector recover from the Covid19 pandemic.

Government grants of £200 million through the Aerospace Technology Institute programme will be matched by industry. New projects set to receive funding will include developing high performance engines, new wing designs, ultra-lightweight materials, energy-efficient electric components, and other brand new concepts to enhance innovation within the sector.

The funding will help to secure and create jobs across the UK, and the development of UltraFan engine technology through Rolls Royce will benefit us here in South Derbyshire and surrounding local areas.

The UK is leading the way in new innovations and technology, achieving a zero emissions aircraft is getting ever closer as we develop more sustainable aviation fuel, lighter material and more efficient technology.

This investment will give the aerospace industry the boost it needs as it restarts after the Coronavirus and going forward offers us a more sustainable, greener and cleaner future.