£2 billion national investment to encourage people to walk and cycle more in South Derbyshire

The Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps has launched a new active transport scheme to encourage more people to walk or cycle to work. This will see Pop-up bike lanes with wider pavements, protected spaces for cyclists, safer junctions, and cycle and bus-only corridors across South Derbyshire.

This is part of a £2 billion investment to make it easier and safer for people to walk and use bikes both for leisure and as a means of getting to work. As we have seen more people than ever walking and cycling we should take this opportunity to encourage people to continue to exercise more and find greener ways of getting to work. Therefore, I believe we must invest to help make it easier and encourage new healthier habits.

The government will be working with local authorities and will work with them to relocate space for a significant increase in the numbers cycling and walking. It is not only space we need to invest in but also technology. The trialling of E-scooters will be brought forward from next year to next month and will be an option for South Derbyshire to try, meaning we could see rental vehicles on UK roads as early as June.

By walking or cycling to work, we can help cut carbon emissions, have healthier lifestyles and it can save you money on petrol or rail and bus tickets. I welcome this investment and hope people in South Derbyshire will be able to enjoy the benefits in the coming months.