Over £1.1 million funding allocated to tackle homelessness in South Derbyshire, Derby and East Staffordshire.

The Government has announced an increase of £23 million in funding to tackle homelessness, allocating a total £263 million.

 £1,128,655 of this will be going to Derby, South Derbyshire and East Staffordshire, enabling the local authorities to have more control and flexibility to relieve homelessness and support those at risk.

South Derbyshire MP Heather Wheeler said:

“I’m delighted by the announcement of extra funding for South Derbyshire, this will enable us to really tackle homelessness in our communities.

Addressing Homelessness at the root is essential as well as being able to recognise those at risk and prevent them falling into difficulty.

Not only this but we have also seen an increase in funding for rough sleeping services across the UK through the £10 million Cold Weather Fund which saw an extra £3million being made available to help those in need with extra winter shelter provision”

South Derbyshire has a strong record when it comes to tackling homelessness and will receive £167,822 alongside Derby who has been allocated £746,366 and East Staffordshire £214,467.