New Job Seeker websites launched

At this present time employment is a concern on many people’s minds, both for job seekers and employers. In response to these challenges the Department for Work and Pensions has launched two new websites.

The first is designed to help job seekers. There are thousands of jobs across the UK with many industries expanding rapidly. It provides you with tips and guides on here HIGHLIGHTING sectors recruiting along, with additional information and help demonstrating the skills you already have. If you are currently looking for a job and need help then please visit to find out more. 

The second website launched is designed to help employers, particularly in fast growing sectors rapidly expanding. It WILL  help  jobs become more accessible and visible and conversely provides advice for those having to make redundancies. Please visit to find out more.

Now is a challenging time for everyone. I hope these new sites prove to be useful resources when it comes to finding and advertising jobs in South Derbyshire.