National Bee’s Needs Week 2020.

This week is national Bee’s Needs Week 2020. This week we are taking time to help Bees and other pollinators who play a vital role in food production, agriculture and our wider ecosystem.

Since the coronavirus, I think it has helped us all appreciate what we have and enjoy something as simple as a walk or sitting in a garden. As we enjoy nature it’s important to realise that these natural habitats are vital homes to insects and pollinators such as honeybees, butterflies and bumblebees. Their habitats can be threatened with climate change, disease and pesticides to name but a few, therefore I am please to see that the government will be working with farmers, businesses and conservation organisations through the National Pollinator strategy to help protect and provide habitats on both farmland and in urban areas.

Protecting natural habitats is important and it’s something we can all do, like planting more flowers, cutting the grass left often and much more. So if you want to get involved and help protecting pollinators and natural habitats visit, to get some tips and tricks.