MP Praises Local Council for Efficiency Bonus

Heather Wheeler MP today praised South Derbyshire District Council in the House of Commons for freezing local council tax for the past five years and on top of that paying an Efficiency Bonus back to their Residential Council tax Payers in July.

Mrs Wheeler said: "This is a huge success for Conservative run South Derbyshire District Council who have managed their funds well to ensure that our residents keep more of their money in their pocket.

“SDDC are aware that people have had financial struggles after the mess the last Labour Government left the country’s finances in and have actively done all that they can to keep their bills down for the past five years. Now this year for the first time ever due to being a well-run, value-for-money Council, they are also able to give back an Efficiency Bonus to every Residential Council Tax payer.  This is in stark contrast to the Labour County Council, Police and Fire & Rescue Authorities all of whom have increased their Tax levels this year.


“I am proud to be the MP for an area with such a hard working Conservative District Council" finished The South Derbyshire MP.