Investing in Women

It is important to encourage women to pursue the careers they dream of and one way of supporting this is through the Investing in Women Code. It is a commitment to support the advancement of female entrepreneurs and improve access to tools, resources and finance from the financial sector. With signatures from companies such as Santander, Natwest, Barclays, The Co-operative Bank, Lloyds and many more this will help women succeed.

This commitment will help to ensure a diverse and inclusive system which is good for both business and customers. It will help highlight the valuable work of women whilst opening doors to help advance female entrepreneurs. There are numerous successful businesses and entrepreneurs in South Derbyshire and The Investing in Womens Code will help to see more women succeed not just in South Derbyshire but across the UK.

The code was founded by 14 signatures and has expanded to include a further 52 code signatures. If you are a financial service firm and are interested in becoming a signature you can visit to find out more including the forms to sign and email the to

It can often seem a challenge to start out as an entrepreneur and especially as a woman, that is why it is important that we support entrepreneurs who are at the heart of the economy and the future of our country. This is a fantastic opportunity to help women and future generations succeed, which in turn will create jobs and boost the economy.