Investing in agricultural technology and development.

In order to develop we must invest. The government is committed to finding new green solutions to old problems, and to do so we must think outside of the box. One of these projects includes investing in new pioneering agricultural technology, this includes a £24 million investment into artificial intelligence and robotics for UK farming. In addition to this the government has announced a £2 million investment into a Nottingham based project that recycles carbon dioxide  from Drax power station into sustainable animal feed.

South Derbyshire is predominantly rural with many farmers across the constituency. These new investments and development in technology will provide new interesting solutions to challenges they face. Investing in robotics will help in fruit picking, packing and treating crops to reduce diseases. In the long term this will help efficiency cut costs and allow farmers to concentrate on the wider running of farms. 

By looking at converting CO2 to animal feed, this will help us in achieving our target of net zero emissions as it provides a sustainable protein alternative for animal feed. This solution would make the carbon footprint up to 75% smaller with minimal use of land and water.

Farming is at the centre of new and exciting innovations and these investments will help secure credible solutions to todays problems. I welcome these investments and look forward to seeing this technology develop so we can soon see this across South Derbyshire and the UK.