Heather Wheeler Shines Spotlight on BBC on Fellowship Visit.

On Thursday 14 July I visited BBC Broadcasting House, home of the BBC’s radio, television and online content.

On the visit I was shown around the iconic home of the BBC as part of her Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT) Fellowship. My Fellowship, which is now completed, was looking at the cultural and creative sector, including the media in order for me to better understand the industry.

Broadcasting House is home to BBC radio and BBC news and the visit contained a tour of the facilities, which were modernised in 2013. The visit also provided the opportunity for the BBC to talk to me about their worldwide presence as well. 

The visit also touched upon the future of the BBC and covered the proposed changes to the BBC outlined in the Government’s White Paper as well as the Royal Charter and the BBC’s strategy to remain a prominent institution in the UK and worldwide.

I have had a fascinating time at the BBC today, the staff were wonderful and really made sure I saw as much as possible while I was there. Given that the Government has recently released its white paper on the future of the BBC, it was valuable to talk to staff and see first-hand how they are planning to ensure they continue to be successful.

Daniel Wilson, Head of UK Policy, BBC added:‘The BBC is always keen to inform Parliamentarians about the broadcasting sector so we were very glad Mrs Wheeler was able to join us today. Mrs Wheeler received talks on the BBC’s ambitious plans to strengthen the UK production sector with the launch of BBC Studios as well as the growth strategy for its commercial subsidiary, BBC Worldwide. I hope today has proved useful for her. I would also like to thank the IPT for facilitating today’s visit and look forward to many more successful visits with them.’

(This visit was before my appointment as a Government Whip).