Heather Wheeler MP welcomes new training programmes to help small businesses in South Derbyshire.

The economy is facing unique challenges with businesses having to adapt and find new ways of working. As the way we work and conduct business changes we must be ready to step in to provide help and support where we can. The government has announced a £20 million investment for small businesses to improve their management, productivity and problem solving skills. This is being done through two new training programmes. 

The first is the Small Business Leadership Programme which will work to address management challenges and improve leadership skills. We all know the difficulties we have faced in adapting to working remotely and using new technology and not everyone has found it an easy transition. This 10-week programme will help to maximise efficiency, improve productivity and organisation skills. Experts will be able to provide a significant boost to those finding new ways of working a challenge, give them the expertise to be able to address challenges in the future and really give them the tools to succeed. 

The second programme is the Peer Networks Programme where business owners share their problems and successes with each other. We can all learn from each other and the programme will introduce business owners with problem solving skills to other business owners through a series of sessions. Initially, they will discuss coronavirus business related problems, this could be anything from finding new customers or using new technology. 

The Government knows how important it is to the economy for small businesses to be successful as do I. South Derbyshire has a multitude of small businesses and I hope they take advantage of this new opportunity which will help them thrive and improve the fantastic skills they already have. 

To find out more about the new programmes on offer please visit: https://www.peernetworks.co.uk/ for the Peer Networking Programme or https://smallbusinesscharter.org/small-business-leadership-programme/ for the Small Business Leadership programme.