Heather Wheeler MP heralds “bright future” for Derbyshire manufacturers.

Last week I visited the headquarters of South Derbyshire staircase manufacturer TwoTwenty, it was great to see their entrepreneurial spirit in action.

I toured TwoTwenty’s Foston-based factory and congratulated members of staff on the firm’s recent award wins and continued business growth.

TwoTwenty has a fantastic reputation in its industry and is clearly going from strength to strength.

What’s more, the firm’s staff truly care about the service they give their customers, which was evident to me during my visit to their factory.

Ali Wright, TwoTwenty’s founder and director, said: “Despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, we’ve seen a significant increase in demand for our staircases in recent months. As a result, we’re investing in every part of the business to make sure we can meet that demand. “We have a fantastic team who deliver a superb product and service and we will continue to build our business to support our customers even further.”

Echoing comments made by Prime Minister Theresa May earlier this year, I reaffirmed the government’s commitment to helping small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) prosper in a post-Brexit Britain.

At her roundtable meeting in August this year, the prime minister made it clear that the growth of the UK economy is very much in the hands of our SMEs.

I’m proud to represent a constituency where local small businesses are leading the way to a stronger, healthier economy. TwoTwenty is a shining example of a firm that has rolled up its sleeves and worked hard to deliver substantial growth. It’s clear they, and many other Derbyshire-based manufacturers, have a very bright future indeed.”

TwoTwenty’s continued success was recognised at national and local level this year. The British Woodworking Federation (BWF) Awards saw the firm win the Process Efficiency award, while at the Burton Mail Business Awards, TwoTwenty scooped the Overall Business of the Year award.

(This was originally distributed as a Press Release).