Heather Wheeler MP congratulates students on GCSE Results day.

I want to congratulate those in South Derbyshire receiving their GCSE results today, especially with the first results of the new GCSE styles starting to come through. All the schools in area do well and all of our young people have the potential to go on and have impressive careers in all walks of life, whether it’s A-Levels, apprenticeships or employment. We should also congratulate the mature students, as sometimes we forget there are some who go back to get qualifications they need for new employment, courses etc, so a big well done to them.

Some will not have got what they wanted or needed to go to their preferred Sixth Form, College or apprenticeship. If you are one of these please don’t be upset, Contact Job Centre Plus for help with courses apprenticeships & jobs or talk to other Schools and local Colleges about A-levels.

(This was originally a Press Release distributed on the 25th August, the GCSE results day).