Heather Wheeler MP celebrates continued fall of unemployment in South Derbyshire

As Christmas approaches, South Derbyshire can celebrate their ever decreasing unemployment figures. A sign that the government’s, and local councils, plan of cutting public expenditure and allowing greater focus on the private sector, in promoting and bolstering businesses of every-size, is working.

The new ONS figures from Nov 2015 show yet another drop in the levels of unemployment in South Derbyshire with the count now standing at 313, 0.6% of the population. This is a total drop of 2.6% since the Conservatives took Office, and Heather Wheeler MP, took office in May 2010.

These brilliant figures are just what the constituency needs at this time of year. It’s a credit to the hard work of South Derbyshire businesses, people and the local council, all thanks to the ever growing security of our economy. Since last month’s unemployment figures were released there are 49 more people with jobs, this means there are 49 more families who are now experiencing the financial benefit of meaningful employment.

On-top of the total number of unemployed in South Derbyshire there are also fantastic figures for the number of Youth unemployed in the constituency too. Now standing at 55, around 0.8% of total youth population within South Derbyshire. This again, as with total unemployment, has dropped since May 2010. The constituency has seen a total drop of 6.4% in youth unemployment; meaning those who wish to get into work now can, and are doing so.

The current level of unemployment across the UK is at its lowest, and South Derbyshire is proud to be leading the way with a growing employment rate. A sure sign that the Government’s long term economic plan, alongside clever expenditure at a local level is doing wonders for South Derbyshire this Christmas.