Heather Wheeler backs the new Acceleration Unit to improve transport and connectivity in South Derbyshire.

Creating jobs and securing economic growth is important, particularly across the whole of the UK not just in certain areas. One way we can do this and level up the whole of the UK is by improving transport and infrastructure. To boost this I am pleased that the Transport Secretary has launched a new Acceleration Unit to speed up projects. This will help create jobs and tackle delays to projects and speed up progress so passengers see the benefits quicker.

There are various projects being undertaken across the whole of the UK and in addition to this, various track improvements. This includes, for example, Syston just outside of South Derbyshire in Leicestershire. The track improvements will improve connections to Burton-upon-Trent where many people come to in order to get to South Derbyshire.

It is not only the railways that the Acceleration Unit will work on, but also our roads by working closely with Highways England. The Coronavirus has had a significant impact on our lives but by investing in accelerating projects, it will help us to recover quicker, improve connectivity, give people more opportunities and boost employment.

I believe we need to invest in our infrastructure to level up the whole of the UK and secure our economic recovery. As we see track improvements and better connectivity it will have a knock-on effect to South Derbyshire and provide a boost to our local economy.