Heather Wheeler backs a Global Britain.

Today marks the inauguration of the new Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. The world faces considerable challenges, including the coronavirus, famine, climate change and conflict. The UK recognises its position, and we must step up in being a truly Global Britain and working as a force for good in the world.

The UK will now commit a £119 million in aid to tackle both the coronavirus and famine, causing extreme hunger to over 6 million people in places such as the Yemen, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalis, Central African Republic, the Sahel, South Sudan and Sudan.

By working together and leading by example we can tackle these deadly threats, and in doing so, it will also protect Britain’s interests. If we neglect our responsibilities, it can give rise to terrorism and migration problems, and so we must work with the international community to address issues such as famine and the coronavirus to stop further challenges occurring. Spending money ‘in country’ to lift the local economy helps reduce the reason to leave and apply to live in the UK, it is money well spent.

We are already leading in the fight against the coronavirus particularly with our efforts to develop a vaccine, but on top of this, the UK has also worked hard to support the global effort by pledging £774 million so far.

I was able to welcome the creation of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office by asking a question of the Secretary of State in the Chamber on Wednesday 2nd September and I look forward to seeing a Global Britain go from strength to strength.