Great Local Companies

Local South Derbyshire firms are showing the way when it comes to global exports.

HFT Global, based in Hilton, produces Vocational and Engineering Training Equipment. Their products, which are now manufactured in the UK, are a broad range of specialised engineering equipment for teaching technical subjects which they sell to colleges, universities and training centres worldwide.

Although only 4 years old the company has gone from strength-to-strength now employing 12 people and they are predicting expansion which could see the creation of up to a further 60 jobs over the next few years.

They are a company which not only sells to the whole of the UK but also exports internationally, with 96% of those exports going to countries outside the EU.

Bretby Gammatech, recently taken over by Parker Hannifin, are another local company which exports globally. Established in 1994 they developed the Ash Probe, a portable instrument for measuring the ash content of coal. It has become renowned internationally and saves hundreds of mines and coal processing plants money every day, in many cases paying for itself in just one month! They export to 24 countries, almost all of them outside the EU.

Swadlincote company First Fence manufactures a variety of temporary and permanent security fences. They not only sell to the whole of the UK but also export internationally. They have invested heavily in their facilities, installing high tech software and equipment and have created many new jobs.

During the referendum we were constantly being told the UK would fail outside the EU, a view I vehemently disagreed with because I know companies like these are only the tip of a gigantic iceberg of entrepreneurial businesses nationwide. Businesses which trade with countries around the world who do not have and have never had a trading agreement with the EU.

Companies who export do not trade with countries, they enter into contracts with other companies. When negotiating those contracts they decide, taking into account any tariffs which are in force, the price they want for their goods and services in order to make profits. They also make the goods and tailor the services to the buyer’s requirements, wherever in the world that buyer is.

These three companies and all others like them around Britain demonstrate a trade agreement is not an essential requirement in order to export, but trade agreements which make exporting even easier are being pursued by the Government.

I am lucky enough to be working in the International Trade department so I have seen at first hand all the work going on to establish trade deals around the world ready for when we leave the EU.

‘Made in Britain’ is sought after worldwide, our future outside the EU is bright.

This Article was originally distributes as a press release