Government launches six new test sites and new priority post boxes.

Access to Coronavirus testing has continued to increase and now there are six new walk through local testing sites in England by appointment for those without a car.  The number of mobile testing units will double to 236 by the end of July and new priority post boxes for testing kits ill be created.

There are 30,000 Royal Mail priority post boxes across the UK, all of which will be clearly marked by a regional NHS logo by the 3rd of July. This means home testing kits will not have to be returned by a booked courier service.

If you have any symptoms even mild, it is important to get tested in order to stop the spread of the virus. The new walk through test sites will be able to test hundreds of people every day. The easier and more accessible testing is, the better able we will be to trace people and stop the spread.

The number of coronavirus cases continues to decrease consistently and in doing so it has allowed us to ease restrictions and businesses are able opening. I look forward to more businesses and venues opening on the 4th of July, helping to kick start the economy, but, we must continue to test as many people as possible, follow social distancing measures, regularly washing of hands and self-isolate if you or anyone in your household has symptoms.