Fantastic News for Swadlincote - Sainsbury's Waste Less Save More Campaign.

Today Sainsbury’s CEO Mike Coupe announced Swadlincote as the winner of a £1 million pound investment from the company as part of their ‘Waste Less, Save More’ Campaign.

Sainsbury’s decision today to invest in reducing food waste in Swadlincote is a brilliant opportunity to help save people money and make South Derbyshire greener. The £1 million investment from Sainsbury’s will go towards making Swadlincote a blueprint for what other local communities across the country can do to reduce the 7 million tons of food wasted annually. Swadlincote is going to become the hub for the testing of innovative ideas, working in partnership with community groups and new technologies like smart fridges all working towards reducing the town’s waste by 50%.

As a member of the Team making the original application to Sainsbury’s and the presentation to them in Swadlincote I’m really looking forward to working with them, local businesses and Swadlincote residents to reducing the amount of food waste and becoming an example to be followed by other towns, cities and villages throughout the UK.