Derbyshire Day in Parliament

From porkpies to Christmas pudding, yesterday local food and drinks producers across the county showcased the finest artisan and handmade products from Derbyshire. The event, which took place in the Jubilee Room, was attended by over 18 different businesses, selling cured meats, confectionary, ice-cream and more.

Among the businesses attending were two South Derbyshire based firms, Nestle with their Dolce Gusto Coffee, based in the constituency for over 50 years and a new startup - Yolo Food Co. who specialise in the creation and production of tailored healthy food plans. Both companies provide new and exciting opportunities for employment within the constituency. 

It was a special day for us in Parliament today to see so many enterprising businesses and individuals from across the county, especially those from South Derbyshire who are always working hard to produce fantastic products that people want. 

The event, organised with support from MPs throughout Derbyshire, was a great success with visitors and producers alike impressed with the diverse range of products available from Derbyshire.