Countryside Alliance App to Help Improve Broadband

I have learnt about a new app and would recommend that my constituents download it. It is a simple diagnostic tool, provided by the Countryside Alliance and Actual Experience’s BbFix project, to improve their broadband service. 

As part of my ongoing campaign to make sure South Derbyshire residents have improved Broadband as BT roll-out fibre optic cable across the Constituency, I want to make sure that home by home people check themselves what the issues are that mean they are not getting the best Broadband service possible. 

Broadband coverage and speed has always been an issue for internet users here in South Derbyshire, and your experience could be improved by simply understanding what is causing you to have slow or patchy performance. 

The diagnostic tool BbFix crowd sources data which will help some users to fix their home broadband, as well as fixing problems with their provider, improving the internet experience for everyone.

I’d like to encourage my constituents to run the BbFix tool on their home broadband and see if they can find out what’s limiting their internet speed. Infrastructure only accounts for 30% of problems experienced online so this information will allow internet providers to make improvements to the service.

Anyone interested needs to download a small piece of software onto their desktop computer or laptop and it will identify the cause of their slow or inconsistent broadband. 

The software is available free from

Instructions on how to install the software can also be found on this site. If you have any questions about the download contact

This is only one part of the jig saw puzzle to improve Broadband services in South Derbyshire but whilst I am not letting up on the pressure on BT residents can help identify issues themselves and makes sure their provider can help fix them.