100,000 Coronavirus tests a day by the end of April

The Government has set out an ambitious plan to carry out 100,000 tests a day by the end of April. In order to carry this out the UK’s top pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies are teaming up to develop millions of coronavirus tests over the coming months as part of the national testing strategy.

Though we can and will beat this virus it is not something that will simply go away over-night. In order to defeat it we must increase the number of tests we are doing to fully understand and combat the spread of this virus. Our priority at this time is to test frontline healthcare and other essential workers so as to protect them and vulnerable patients they work with.

A new testing laboratory has already been set up by AstraZeneca, GSK and Cambridge University who aim to carry out 30,000 test a day alone by the end of May. I welcome the work they are doing already providing technical and scientific expertise to support the Governments new national testing scheme, particularly in the use of automation and robotics.

Other companies such as Thermo fisher are committee to supply the UK with testing kits and Oxford Nanopore’s is exploring advanced testing options and looking at pathogens present in the coronavirus.

Many are working round the clock to help the national effort and the work they are doing will prove to be invaluable. I am proud and impressed a the response we have had from companies across the UK working to do their part in fighting the Coronavirus through testing  but also helping in other ways with local companies like JCB helping to produce ventilators.

Their efforts really are making  difference to help save lives and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.