1922 Committee

As you may or may not know I hold a seat on the Executive of the 1922 Committee here in the House of Commons. I thought I would show you our Class photo.

The 1922 Committee, also known as "the 22", is a committee made up of backbench Conservative MPs. The committee allows the leadership and the backbenches of the Conservative Party to keep in touch with each other's opinions.

You may not know that the 1922 Committee is named after the year a group of Conservative backbench MPs voted to end the coalition formed by the Liberal Party with the Conservative Party. It was April 1923, however, before the Conservative Party agreed to form the committee, elect the Officers and Executive and meet on a regular basis throughout the Parliamentary session.

Very much similar to the group that voted to end that Coalition, other MPs including myself on the committee are dedicated to end this current coalition at the May 2015 General Election and gain back the respect the Conservative Party deserves -100% in charge of our destiny. So much is difficult to achieve when it has to be as a compromise position.

I hope you can understand that there are people who do care about the reputation and future of the Conservative Party, myself included. Sometimes things do ‘leak’ from our Executive meetings with the Prime Minister but they should not and I will not comment on the meetings, but rest assured when Constituents have asked me to bring a matter up with the Prime Minister I have taken these opportunities to do so.

Please note that all content dated prior to 7th May 2010 is from before I was elected a Member of Parliament.
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