Update: Bombardier

I am sure many of my readers have recently heard and read about a situation with Bombardier. The firm failed in its bid for the £1.4 billion Thameslink contract to German company Siemens, leaving many workers from South Derbyshire left questioning whether their jobs will be maintained. This was following an earlier government contract in 2009 when they lost out to Hitachi. I have been working hard to find out why Bombardier lost out on this government contract to Siemens including two meetings with Philip Hammond, Transport Secretary and a meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss options for Bombardier.

Below I have attached below a sample of the correspondence I have either sent or received regarding Bombardier. This is only a small element of the work I have been undertaking on this issue, particularly my personal contacts direct with Bombardier. Be assured I will continue to work hard to ensure that Bombardier and its employee’s interests are well represented in Westminster.
I will update this blog section as the months unfold.
Letter from Bombardier 22 July 2011.pdf100.13 KB
Letter from National Audit Office 26 July 2011.pdf126.59 KB
Letter to David Cameron 28 July 2011.pdf209.69 KB

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